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How to Increase YouTube Views? Top 10 Magic Tricks

October 7, 2020

Everyone wants to know how to increase YouTube Views in his/her YouTube Channel. There are many tricks to increase YouTube views and subscribers such as 1000 free youtube subscribers, free subscribers app, get youtube views free, get 500 free youtube views, youtube view bot download, etc. If you want to get genuine views on your videos, these are the top 10 magic tricks for you.

You must know Top 10 Magic Tricks about how to increase YouTube views?

If you have a YouTube Channel, you need to know how to increase Youtube views? Every YouTuber are working hard to get more views on the videos. So, we will tell you some of the top 10 magic tricks that you will able to grow the youtube channel. People make some mistakes in the beginning. Therefore, they do not succeed on youtube. That comes a time when they leave youtube.

How to get genuine youtube views on your YouTube channel?

If you become successful on youtube, you will earn money from youtube. So, first of all, you have to keep this in mind. Whatever you do. That is, whatever topic you are making the channel on. You should come from A to Z best about that topic.

In the beginning, you have to do some smartly work. You need to see what are people doing on their Youtube channel. There are many top Youtube channel that what they are following you will see that. Which Topic is promoting on youtube by them? More videos are being viral on top from YouTube. It will give you the advantage that you will able to know about YouTube marketing. If you run according to this market, then you will be able to stop youtube from being successful on youtube too.

You can see the people who are new for YouTube, they want to make a career on youtube. But, they make duplicate videos and content for their YouTube channel. This is a major mistake. Do not do this mistake. If you upload the same thing on your channel, you can not be a success. To get success, you have to show us something different. Something different means that your method should be different. Anything on the topic, whatever the video you want on that subject, nothing will change. Only the method of convincing you should be different.

Top 10 Magic Tricks Anyone can do

1. Topic

It is the most important. Our people keep channeling and upload anything on that channel. Like ever, if you put a related video from tech, then you put a funny video on the same channel. If you work like this then you will never be able to move forward in the beginning. By doing this, the channel value is poor. Because of youtube viruses the same channel that specializes in one thing. So you have to give us focus on any one topic. Whatever topic you choose, you should come well about that topic.

2. Clarity

Your channel should have good clarity. The clarity means that you have made a related video from any technology, but you have told thumbnail or description some different topics. With this youtube considers your channel to be fake and your channel can never grow. Therefore, you have to tell you about the topic that you make on the topic, in a good description. And thumbnail also has to tell.

3. Channel Name

Our logo does not know that there may be a problem growing channel through the channel name. What people do is keep their name on the channel. And start putting videos on that channel. See what happens if youtube and new viewers find it difficult to understand what topic your channel is on. Just like if you name the channel according to your topic. So it makes youtube more clear to new viewers. What are these topics on this channel? The new viewers who will subscribe to your channel will increase the maximum chance.

4. Channel Logo

These are also very important. If your channel logo is good then new viewers will know. This video is uploaded on this channel. Because the new viewers first come to your video. Then Bow will see your channel logo And if he likes the channel logo So Bo will definitely subscribe to your channel, so many chances increase.

5. Video Quality

The most important video quality is the same. If the quality of your video, you will not be of good quality. So sometimes youtube will never let your channel grow and new viewers will never subscribe to your channel. So the quality of your channel’s videos should be very good. Your video must be at least HD. And if you can also buy a camera. So make the video from the camera itself. You can use Android only. Almost all Android phones are good.

6. Thumbnail

I believe 70% of the views come from the video thumbnail. The remaining 30% depending on your content. Every visitor to kiosk finds out from thumbnail only. What’s in this video of. So, we should make thumbnail very well. free thumbnail You will find many sites to find and there are lots of mobile apps and lots of software, so you can easily create the best thumbnail.

7. Keyword

See if you do not pay attention to the keyword in a startup, your views on your channel can never be seen. Only when your video will come in search results will come views on your channel. But your videos will only be able to search results when you focus on keywords. So you should first pay attention to the keyword. You should know that we are making related videos from this keyword. Many websites for keyword research will be found on the internet. How To increase Youtube views?

8. Editing

People often make their talented videos very well. The bow does all the hard work. And they are very well explained. Even the channels do not grow. Forgot because editing the video. Which are very important. Because if your video will contain content and the talent, but if you do not edit the video well then 70% of viewers will cut your video in the beginning. Because there is no video boring from editing. If you upload and edit the video with a good video, the chances increase by 70% will be seen by the viewers of your video last, because the viewers will not be bored with your video, which will stay till the end of the bow.

9. Publish Time

We will make your time to publish regular videos at this time only. What happens to this Your subscriber will also know that your video comes from time to time. And the most talked about youtube also promotes those channels. Those who remain regular And the time you can keep as much as you want to publish a video daily. Or you have to publish a video in the first installment.

10. Description

Humans leave writing in the description. Writing in the description is very important. And there should be a way to write in description. You have to tell a lot about your video. The most important is the keywords you used in the title. Description of the BO keyword video should be at least 2 or 3 times.

In Conclusion

So friends, if you follow this method well on your channel then no one can stop you from success on youtube. All you have to do is use your mind well with these tips too. You just have to do something new. How to increase YouTube views? I have told 10 important tricks in this post. If you want to know more youtube success tips, you will find many youtube channels grow tips and tricks on this website. And with this, you will find almost all topics of Earn Money Online on this website.