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10 Genuine Ways of Earning Through Your Website

September 25, 2020

There are many ways available on the internet by which you can earn. but you will not be able to get a complete guidance for earning. beacause of this difficulty, i am writing this artical, so that i may tell you the ways, by which you can earn easily. always remember this thing that there is a difference between earning through websites, and earning too much through a website. in this artical, i will tell you the ways, by which you will be able to earn through your blog or website.


PPC stands for ((pay per click)). PPC ADVERTISING network is such a network, that give you money only in a case if someone clicks on the ads. for example, if a visitor visits your blog or website, and he clicks on the ads that is displayed on your blog or website. you will receive money in return, for that click. otherwise, you will not receive any amount. there are many PPC NETWORKS available on the internet, by which people are earning millons of dollars.

Top PPC Advertising Networks

  • Google Adsense
  • AdClick Media
  • MadAdsMedia

There arises a question here, that how much an individual can earn using his website through PPC?

This is such a question that is asked by many users. in this artical, i will explain about google adsense that is a PPC network of google. if you have a website and its traffic is 2000 page views per day, then monthly, you will have 60,000 page views. and if on your 2000 page views, and you receive 10 clicks. if the rate of 1 click is 10 cent, then on 1000 page views you would be able to earn 2 $, and in a month you would be able to earn 60 $.

your earning depends on your click rate. if you have a greater click rate, then you will be having a greater chance of earning.


CPM ( cost per mile ), is also called cost per 1000 impressions. these networks work in the same way as PPC networks work. on PPC network you receive money only in a case, if someone clicks on your ads, but on CPM networks, this is not the case. you will receive money, either you receive a click or not. for example, if 100,000 visitors visit your website in a month, then you can earn 100 $, if the CPM rate is 1$.

CPM RATE = 2$         MONTHLY EARNING = 200$

and so on. on  CPM network the rate ranges between 0.10$ to 10$. CPM rates depend on your websites.

  •  From which country the visitors are visiting.
  •  Whats the topic of your website.
  •  How much is the traffic of your website.


It is very easy to sell ad space these days. there are many services that are available on the internet, by which you can easily sell the space of your website.because of selling ad space, you can earn fixed earnings. it depends on you, against how much amount do you sell your ad space. listed below is are some websites, by using them, you can sale the ad space of your webiste.


Because of affiliate marketing, many people are earning money. by advertising the products of other persons on your website, you can earn alot. for example, if a product has a sale price of 100$, and you sell a single product. you will receive in return 10% commission. The rate of commission, depends on the person, who is the owner of the product. usually the rate of commission ranges from 5% to 90%. listed below are some of the websites, on which after creating an account, you can do affiliate marketing.

  • LinkShare
  • Commission Junction
  • ClickBank


Selling services is a popular way, by which you can earn money. most of the who creates a website or a blog is only to sale their services. for example, if you give a serive of facebook like, then after creating a blog or a website, you should write some articles about facebook, because of which visitors, visit your website, and you will be capable of providing your services. using this technique, you can increase your earnings upto 70%.


It is such a technique, by which you can earn even after the closure of your website. by using e-mail marketing services, you can collect the e-mails of different visitors. it depends on you,  how many e-mails, will you be able to collect. you can increase the traffic and sale of your website, by sending the e-mails on these e-mail lists. there are many marketers on internet, who are earning millions of dollars by e-mail marketing.


From your website, you can earn, by writing about the serivces or products of other people. it is also a popular way of earning. there are many websites on the internet, which give affiliate programs. write a review on any service or a product, and then by using your affiliate links or by displaying attractive banners, you can make the sales of many products. but you should write a review about a product or service on its true nature. by this your sale will be increased and the people will trust on your website.


It is a latest technique which is getting popular for a couple of years. by charging a membership fee to the visitors. but you should remember one thing, that is, you should give free membership along with paid membership. in free membership, you should give limited access to the people. if the user finds the content of your website beautiful, then there are many chances that the visitor will purchase the paid membership.


if you are a good writer, then by writing your e-book,and by displaying it on your website, you can also earn alot. this thing should be remembered that you should write the book on the topic, which is of your blog or website. lest you write the book on health, and the topic of your blog or website is movies. because of this, your will not be able to earn anything.


This is such a way, by which you can earn your whole income in advance. “flippa ” is such a website, on which you can easily sale your website and blog. if  your website is earning 500$ per month, then you can easily sale this website against 30,000$. there are many developers on the internet, which performs the business of selling and purchasing the websites. by using this technique, you can get your income of three years in advance.