The Only Way To Deal With Content Theft!

Plagiarism is rife on the Internet and if you keep producing content, sooner or later someone is going to steal it. Personally I think content thieves should be tied to a post and lashed! But maybe I’m just bitter. I’ve experienced first hand what can happen when content gets copied, and it’s not nice. What Do … Read more

How To Self Host With WordPress

Blogging is a hobby enjoyed by millions, and if done well can earn a decent monthly income. The key to blogging is providing regular, useful content that people want to read. If you do this you’ll build a steady audience, and can start making good money from advertising. But first things first, you need to build the damn … Read more

5 Headlines To Increase Clicks and Convert Visitors

If you want your website to stand out in a sea of information overload, then it all starts with your headline. Sure you need a great article that offers “value” and yada yada yada, but people won’t read it unless you grab them by the cahoonas and force them to pay attention. This is where your headline comes … Read more