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Affiliate Marketing Vs Google Adsense ?

September 25, 2020

Earning online has always been a precious thing in the life of all those people who have found this platform their source of income, however, when you start making money online you have numerous options to earn. The two most common techniques people have been using in order to make money are affiliate marketing techniques and Google Adsense.

When we talk about affiliate marketing, it comes under the category of selling the products of different vendors on your website and earning commission. Whereas for the Google Adsense one rents the space on his website to the Google Adsense and the Google Adsense places the ads of different business to offer you an earnings over it.

However, both of these techniques of earning money have their own positive as well as negative sides and when it comes to making comparisons between them the following matters are taken into consideration.

Control of Matters

When it comes to the control part, Google Adsense offers you no control over the ads being advertised on your website. You have to let the matter go with the flow whether you like the advertisement being published by Google on your page or not. Moreover, the entire authority to your Google Adsense account remains in the hands of Google and it may shut it down whenever it feels like.

Whereas, when you talk about affiliate marketing, you are the owner and you have the control, you are at a free will to advertise any product you want. If you like a product personally and your readers trust you, you may get a great chunk of sales and at the same time you remain the controller of the website.

Looks of Ads

When it comes to the display of the ads, considering the Google Adsense you will have no choice and no say in the placement of the ad no matter how bad it appears to be. Whereas, when it comes to affiliate marketing you may ask the advertiser to adjust the ad according to your wish without a hassle.

Immediacy of Money

When it comes to making money, the process associated with the Google Adsense is a bit slow and also a doubtful one as not every website makes sufficient money. However, when you consider the affiliate marketing the moment you make a sale the share of your money is all yours without any delays.

Lifetime Earning

When you consider the option of Google Adsense you make money just once when the ads are placed, whereas for the affiliate marketing, there is a chance of recurring income with the referral mechanism.

However, the moment you compare both the techniques to earn money online, affiliate marketing takes the lead as compared to the Google Adsense and may offer you numerous benefits. Whereas, the rules and regulations associated with the Google are stringent plus the money making chances are also doubtful. Therefore considering the affiliate marketing program as your source of income is a better choice as compared to the Google Adsense.