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All About Google Adsense!

September 25, 2020

When it comes to earning there are a number of ways out that might help you make money online without extra hassle involved. In this case the most preferred one these days is considered to be affiliate marketing. This technique has helped a number of people to establish their position as worldwide known affiliate marketers. However, in this case you may also make the most of the Google Adsense as well which will be an add-on to your income with the affiliate marketing.

Effects on Sales Commission

A number of affiliate marketers established in this league consider that by way of getting into the Google Adsense along with the affiliate marketing might make them lose their sales and the commission based on it. The reason behind this thought was the ads appearing via Google Adsense make the people leave the actual page. However, when implemented with an affiliate marketing technique there was not even a single impact observed on the sales and its commission negatively. Therefore this program of Google Adsense goes perfect with the affiliate marketing techniques as well.

Working of Adsense

Google Adsense is being paid by the companies that need to advertise their products and when you allow those ads to be run on your website you also get a chunk of that payment being made by the companies to the Google. Every website is being provided with a slot for Google ads to be placed however, whether you want that slot to be utilized or not is completely dependent upon you and you may either place them to have an extra income or else may simply ignore it.

However, this is a great opportunity for all those people who need to have an extra income by utilizing a small space for the Google Adsense on their websites.

Domain of Your Own

Google Adsense allows the ads to be given to the publisher who owns a domain of his own. There was a time when the requirement of owning a website in order to be termed as a publisher of Google Adsense was not in place however, now the policies of the Google are more restrictive oriented and demand to be more stringent approvals as well.

Now as the per the requirements of the Google you need to own a website of your own, as per Google you need town a domain of your own in order to make yourself a Google Adsense publisher. A number of people even get someone else’s domain name as well however; with the passage of time this tactic even fails due to the Google’s restrictions.

Buying a Domain

Everyone knows the fact that in order to get yourself the tag of Google Adsense publisher one needs to have a domain for sure, but not to make a lot of payment is always a way everyone at this stage is looking for. In order to get out of this hassle the best thing one can do is to purchase a domain that is cheap and registers a website in order to get the approval from the end of Google. So, you may try getting a less expensive domain for yourself that might cost you around $10 per year and by way of visiting the you may get yourself a website that might be perfect enough to fulfill the requirement of the Google Adsense.

However, before purchasing the domain you must find yourself a service provider that does provide you with permission to run Adsense as there are a number of such domains that do not allow the use of Google Adsense. It is suggested to make use of NameCheap in order to purchase the domain as this will be equipped with a permission to use Google Adsense.

Ad Slots and Income from Google Adsense

Once you are done with all the requirements for your Google Adsense approval you must be thinking of a number of questions regarding the ads and the income earned. However, as far as the ad slots are concerned there are three different techniques that are being used by Google in the context of the ad slots. The first technique is the traditional technique in which the Google Adsense decides the placement of the contents on the different slots.

The second technique is based on the retargeting of the visitors and according to that the ads are being placed on the website. The last and the third technique is the one in which the advertisers themselves decide the placement slots of the different advertisements as per their own choice.

As far as the payment is concerned, the Google Adsense pays as per the clicks or impressions. Your income tends to increase when the clicks and impressions on the ads increase so you are being paid either on the clicks or impressions of the ads made by the visitors on the ads of your website.

Keeping a Track

There are two techniques that you may use when it comes to the tracking of your website visitors. The first one being the reliance on the Google Adsense tracking whereas the second choice is to take some help from an ad channel and make your tracking procedure a manual one. As far as Google tracking is concerned you might not get a clear picture as there is a lacking in the tracking procedure of the Google Adsense. However, you may use the ad channels on your own and this is a better technique because you get a clear picture and a complete track of your website and its visitors.

Leaving Applications for Google Adsense

Now, in the end you need to leave application for the Google Adsense and in this case you need to make your website completely prepared to be working for the ads and then apply with your Gmail account. Once you have submitted the request to the approval, Google takes a look on your website and decides whether it qualifies for the adsense or not. In case if it does you are being provided with a code and by leaving that code either your ad will turn on actively or not. If it does turn out to be active, you are privileged to have the approval and may place the next ads without a hassle on your website.

As far as the procedure is concerned you it may either take a period of a few days or a few weeks and all you need to do is waiting as patiently as possible. Each step being taken by the Google based on the registration procedure will be notified by you in the form of emails by Google so keep a track and enjoy earnings.