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Are You Using the Right Ways to Get Reddit Traffic?

September 30, 2020

Did you verify your Reddit Profile?

This is one of the very common mistakes most of us do. Make a new Reddit profile and make sure you Verify it. Most of you would be thinking that we already have a Reddit profile, then why new? But the time you finish reading this whole post, most of you will find your Reddit profile is Shadow Banned. Let’s start, create your profile and make sure you verify it. Most of us forget to verify the profile and this becomes a reason for Banning. Given below is the screenshot which tells you how to make Reddit send you an email to get it verified.

How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic?

Bloggers are all so busy and getting traffic from Reddit is a pain. But we all know how good Reddit Traffic is for the Blog. Reddit hates spammers and trust me Reddit is way too strict. If you like posting links on Reddit, hold and read on….

Make sure you never post your links on Reddit or you don’t post links from same websites again and again. The best way to do this is by forming groups, help each other and get the Reddit traffic. Well, it isn’t that easy as it looks. Make sure you don’t post more than 2 links a day. Apart from submitting links you must read the rules of the subreddit and follow them all. Playing around with the rules of Subreddit can be really bad for your profile.

Apart from submitting links, you must upvote and comment on others. You can easily upvote and comment on random stuff from Reddit. Help others to get help and enjoy the Reddit traffic.

Reddit Ban and Reddit Shadow Ban

Reddit is way too intelligent, it bans you and you don’t even get an idea that you are actually banned. Confused? Have a look at the screen shot below.

See the difference, I log in and everything seems fine. I log out and my profile says Page Not Found.  This is Reddit Shadow Ban and if you are banned, you won’t be able to post links at all. I hope you understood the difference in Reddit Ban and Reddit Shadow Ban. Smart Reddit, most of us keep posting links and getting upvotes by our Shadow banned Ids.

Now you must be thinking, when I can post the link and people can upvote me, where does my Link go if I am Shadowbanned? All the shadow banned accounts land up in the Spam folder and not reaches the website and users at all. Only those people whom you give Short link can reach your post.

Helping Reddit Shadow Banned Account is a big NO NO. When you upvote a shadow banned account, you came in the radar of Reddit and at higher risk of getting Shadow Banned even if you follow the rules strictly. So Beware!

Any more queries, feel free to post and I will try to come up with the answers :) Good Luck for Reddit Traffic!