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Build An Internet Business In One Day

May 28, 2020

The below is sound advice whether you’ve yet to start your online business or you’ve already started and just need a pick-me-up.  If you’re just starting out in Niche Blitzkrieg this post will be useful for you as well.

One of the little known facts about building a business online is that you can actually start and have your business up online in less than one afternoon.  That means after you read this post you can get started….

(Third times a charm….) Yes, what I am saying is that TODAY you could fully research a market that you want to get involved in and have your new website up and running.  Will you make money today?  Probably not, but you can start making money pretty fast.

So in this post I am going to show you how you can get started today and continue to have success by simply writing about what you love.

  1. Get Into A Niche Market That Has Competition

The first thing you need to do is select the market you want to be in.  If you select a smaller niche market it’ll be easier at first and you’ll have less competition.  However, it will plateau at a certain point if the market is too small.

Many people get scared to enter a market with competition; don’t be.  If a market has no competition it probably doesn’t have many buyers.

Consider Selecting A Broader Niche Market Instead

I.e. weight loss, bodybuilding, financial, gardening, etc.  You could even perhaps target a slightly narrower niche like weight loss for women, weight loss for men or something like organic gardening.  You’ll start slower but you’ll build up to a mega site fast that can bring in quite a bit more money than a smaller niche market.

The thing to remember is if the niche is too small you won’t have enough people searching for it.  If a niche is too large it will be hard to keep your focus on growing it.  It is because of those 2 reasons I recommend a targeted niche market on a popular topic.

Remember this isn’t a way to get rich fast (as I always say – they don’t exist); but to build a real business that you can turn into a spectacular money maker for the long haul.

One of the best things I can recommend is to get into a niche market that you love.  If you love knitting get into that niche, if you love rock climbing get into that one.  The reason I suggest this is because it will allow you to continuously write or talk about a niche about something you love.

When you love something you’ll be less likely to quit, give up or become completely bored.  Trust me if you are in a boring niche that you hate, all the money in the world won’t keep you interested.

  1. After selecting your niche you need to get a domain name.

The domain just needs to be something that can be branded or you could include the keywords in it. It’s not really 100% necessary anymore to contain your keywords (it also doesn’t hurt either). Make it short and snappy and make sure it makes sense in your niche.  I.e. you wanted to get into the Men’s style niche you could come up with something like or  If you were into cat supplies you could get the domain  Optionally you can include some of the keywords in your industry in the domain name as well but, again, it’s not as important in modern times.

The above are simply just examples of what you could do. 

Then get hosting – these are the only 2 expenses you’ll have. You’ll spend a total of about $10/month to run it.

  1. Install WordPress In Minutes….

We build our websites using WordPress.  Why?  WordPress is free, simple to use and can allow you to make a beautiful website without knowing how to code anything.  It’s all point-and-click simple.

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here but…..

  1. After installing WordPress and it’s time to start writing about what you love to write about.

One of the best was to decide what to write about is to go find other websites who are in your very same market and find out what they are writing about!  Find out what they are missing or have yet to write about and make sure you cover that subject.

Quick exercise:  Go find 3 websites in the same niche market as you.   Identify 3 topics that all 3 have covered.  You now have 3 topics to write about immediately.  Just make sure you don’t steal their writing, write everything in your own words and make sure what you’re discussing is unique.  You only need to write one post for today.

A quick way to find these sites is to go into Google or Bing and type in your niche market into the search engine.  I.e. if the niche that you selected in body building for women then type that into the box.

  1. Next, get a Twitter account (free) and create a free Facebook Fanpage. 

Don’t worry about making them fancy just use them out-of-the-box for now.  Make them fancy after you’re making some good case.

Share every post you make on both of those accounts.  This will help get people to see your site and bring visitors to you.

Never setup a Facebook FanPage before?

Justin Lewis has a nice tutorial here… (takes less than 5 minutes)

  1. Next, Join an affiliate network like or even – They are free to join.

After joining, add some affiliate banners on your site that you can make money with.  You will make money when someone clicks your ads or buys something through you.

Try to put out at least 1 post every other day and continue to share with your community.  If you can put out one post per day that’s better.

Focus on HELPING your industry and you’ll get better results.  I.e. if you’re in the weight loss niche focus on helping someone lose weight.  The more you help, the more likely they are to come back to your site and the more likely they are to buy from you at some point. 

Make sure you stay current with news in your market. 

Anytime something new happens in your industry, report on it.  Even if it’s just a 200-300 word post to announce the news it’ll be helpful!

This will show your audience you’re up-to-date on current affairs and even if a visitor doesn’t buy from you when visiting your site over newsworthy events you’ll find that they could potentially buy from you the next time they visit your site.

Also share with your family and friends on the social networks as well.

Using this one tactic with Facebook and Twitter has brought over 31,000 visitors to just one of my brand new websites since July 1st.

In this experiment I only received about 10% of my traffic from the search engines. The rest is social media only. Not bad, eh?


You can actually do this in a matter of hours.  Plus, you now have an asset that you can continue to grow.

It doesn’t matter what your age, skill set or experience is you can do this.  Recently I shared an ordeal that my family is currently going through here.  Numerous people logged on to share their own stories of what they are going through and how they are getting passed it to build their online businesses.

Just Do It!

The key is to JUST DO IT.  The longer you wait the less likely you are to build your own home based business.  The longer you wait, the longer you work for someone else and have less control of your future.

Even if the money starts coming in slowly it’s better than $0, right?  Plus, as you scale I up you can increase your sales. 

You have now built a business.  No, you’re not Bill Gates yet, but you have it started.  Once you’ve started, tay with it and keep growing it.

You won’t know everything about making money online at this point BUT you’ll be able to grow and then learn more after you’re making money.

Let me know if you’ve started or are rededicating some of your time back to building this business below…