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Five Ways To Get Everyone In Your Company Marketing Your Blog Through Social Media

September 7, 2020

You make time in your day to blog because you know it is something your customers want to see, but the question is are they really seeing it? Or is anyone really seeing it for that matter? Well just posting articles is not enough, that’s just half the battle, the other half is spreading the word about your blog. There are tons of great blogs out there that will spill through the cracks because there was very little, or no effort put towards marketing it. Marketing your blog should not be just a one-person job, but something your entire company wants to be helping with. After all, no traffic and no interest means no business. Here are five ways you can get everyone in your company promoting your blog.

1) Email them pre-written status updates

Sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience for some members of your team. They would be more than happy to share your latest blog post, but they just don’t remember to do it or don’t know what to say, so deliver them in a pre-written update via email. Take the time to be creative when writing this update. The biggest thing you want out of this effort is for a pre-written status to sound interesting so people will take notice. Your team members should want to read it right then and there and those they pass it onto as well.

2) Let them write for the blog

Share the spotlight with your knowledgeable staff and let them write for you on a regular basis. If one of your team members comes up with a great topic for your blog it would be worthwhile to let them devote some time at work to write the blog post. This will not only get your team members marketing your blog, but they will also be ten times more excited about it because it’s their work, they’re participating and they want to see it succeed.

3) Create an incentive for them to be on social media

Sometimes it helps to just add a little incentive to encourage your team to be sharing your blog. There is no limit to what you can do, possibly a reward to the person who can get the most retweets of your blog in a week.

4) Show them how to use social media

One reason that some individuals might not be sharing your blog is because they just aren’t aware or don’t know how to use it. In this case it would be worth your time to educate them. Try pointing them to webinars or videos that do a good job of explaining social media if you don’t want to take the time yourself to educate your employees.

5) Let them pick their social media channel

There is life outside of Twitter and Facebook, even though they are usually the first ones that come to mind when you think of social media, it’s not a must for every one of your team members to be using them. Let your employees pick which social media website best fits their skills and you will actually see your blog reach further to new audiences. For example, if you’re not on YouTube, but one of your employees is and they are doing videos about your latest post you are hitting that audience space without having to do any extra work on your part.