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Go Evergreen In Your Market and Profit

June 6, 2020

Last week I discussed using Click Bank to find a niche even if you’re not a Click Bank affiliate.  I also discussed 2 myths about Niche Research. 

This week I want to discuss ever green niches.  Evergreen niche markets are basically markets that will never go away and most people need them.  Finance and health are 2 such markets and there is big money in them.

In fact, in those 2 markets alone there are billions of dollars just sitting there ready for the taking.  In fact, each and every day affiliates are making millions of dollars in these markets.  However, there is a slight problem.  The overall market itself is way to competitive to just plunge in and hope you make money in it.

That’s where the Niche method comes in.  We want to select smaller markets (niches) within the larger market and get involved in that.  Remember even a small slice a multi-billion dollar pie can bring you a really nice paycheck.  You basically, want to do your research inside these markets and uncover some profitable niches with lower competition.

Some notable niches inside these evergreen markets are as follows:


Making Money Online
Refi and Loan Mod
Stock Market
Day Trading
Home Buying Guides
Saving Money
Betting and Gambling
Money Problems (spending issues)

There are of course hundreds more to consider.  This is just a small list of what type of Niches exist in this market.

Healthy Eating
Weight Loss
How to make your (problem area of the body) look better – can be any area
Getting better abs
Living Longer
How to exercise
Avoiding Weight Gain
Fast Weight Loss
Weight Loss For New Mothers
Healthy Heart
Preventing Disease

Again, just a few but you get the idea. 

Now what is important to keep in mind is that you can even break it down from there.  Often, getting into the smaller niches can pay off for a couple of reasons.

#1.  Highly Targeted Market.  Imagine promoting a “Get Better Abs” product to someone who is looking for better abs.  A mistake many people make is trying to promote the right product to the wrong person.

If someone came to your website looking for exercise tips they might not be in the market for the Better Abs Guide.  Although you’d likely make sales it won’t be as many as you could.

#2.  Easier to build the site.  It’s always easier to build a good site when you keep your spectrum down.  Creating a site about weight loss can be a painful process that would need hundreds of pages.  Building a site about how to get rock hard biceps wouldn’t take nearly as much work and could be more profitable in the short term.  Again, it would even be much more targeted and therefore more likely to convert a visit into a sale.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make money in non-evergreen markets.  In fact, I make great money in markets that are outside that realm.  There are still long lasting profits in sites based on toys, luxuries, pop culture, current events, entertainment and similar.  I am merely suggesting for you to consider an evergreen niche, especially if you’re new to the business.

The biggest mistake made in niche site creation and niche affiliate marketing is going too broad.  While learning it can also prolong the process.  This is just something to keep in mind while you are planning your sites out.

So in your niche research consider getting into an evergreen niche.  You’ll find larger audiences, larger payouts and that the market will not dry out or lose popularity because we all need these things.

Again the recap:  Evergreen niche markets can provide lifelong profits and stability.

#1.  Get into a niche within an evergreen market.
#2.  Make your site targeted for that niche. (The more targeted the better).
#3.  Enjoy longer lasting profits.
#4.  A small slice of a Giant pie is still a lot of money.
#5.  Everyone loves pie

Thoughts?  Are you already in these type of markets?