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How Anyone Can Make Money by Starting a Blog

September 25, 2020

Today i answer this question “How any one can make money online by starting a blog”. Earn from blog is dream of everyone who have little bit knowledge of online earning, and those who have not they got after read this article.

Create a Blog using blogger/wordpress

Firstly you create a blog on blogger or on wordpress, it is your choice which CMS system you will select.Then upload good looking theme, there are a lot of free blogger/wordpress themes are available on the internet, design a logo and create some important pages like home,about us, contact us, privacy policy etc. Writes at least 20 to 50 high quality post and publish it. Once your blog is read then there are many way to monetize your blog.

Monetize blog with CPC/CPM Advertising Networks

You can easily monetize your blog traffic with CPC or CPM networks, CPC Network means they only pay when some one click on the Ad. CPC define as Cost Per Click rather CPM pay on 1000 Ad impressions, CPM define as Cost Per Mile (1000 impressions). Some popular ad networks are:

Monetize blog with Content Syndication Networks

This is another good way to monetize blog. Content syndication networks provide the native advertising and suggest related content to the visitors, normally these ad show at related post section of the blog, like you can see in the image below.

Here is the two most popular Native Advertising Networks.

Monetize blog with Private Ad

Private ad is an easy way to earn handsome money online, you can directly sell your blog space with advertisers, sell you blog space, paid links, sponsored post etc, main benefit of private ad is to set your own price and time. you can sell your space on daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Monetize blog with Affiliate Programs

If you want to earn 1000’s of dollar from your blog then affiliate programs is only option for you, there are thousand of affiliate marketers whose earn more the 10,000$ a month, so affiliate marketing definitely a cool option for you. There are many types of Affiliate Networks CPS (Cost Per Sale) these networks pay only when some buy a product, CPA/CPL (Cost Per Action/Cost Per Lead) these network pay when a user perform a particular action it may be download some think, enter email and sign up for a service.

Here is the list of well know Affiliate Programs:

  • ShareASale.
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network.
  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant.
  • Click Bank.
  • Ebay Partner Network.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program.

Monetize blog by Selling your own Products

Another cool way to monetize your blog traffic by selling your own products. There are various wordpress plugin’s available by using it you can sell products directly from your blog. Now eCommerce is a core part of online earning.

Here is the list of some digital products which you can easily create and could sell online.

  • Ebooks.
  • Designs.
  • Tutorials.
  • Webinars.

Monetize blog by offering Subscription/Membership Services

You can easily find many blogs which offers paid membership, you can access member area after purchased, member area usually have a premium content, online coaching services , online forum support or video tutorial etc. Yes you mush have a content or video tutorials which are not freely available online.

Hope after follow the article you mind is clear now how you can create a blog and monetize it by using which ways. have any ambiguity comment below i love to help.