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Staying Organized in Internet Marketing

June 6, 2020

In this day and age Internet Marketing can be a tough feat.  If you are the least bit disorganized Internet Marketing can be even harder than it has to be.  In fact, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome in this business was getting myself to a point where I knew where everything was everyday.  I didn’t have the time to fumble around with phrases like “Where did I put that” and “Why can’t I find that file?”

So how did I get organized?  I was hard but I forced myself to take a few extra steps before logging off of the computer for the day.

 #1.  File things as needed.

Many times before I would just leave files and folders in random spots on my desktop.  However it started becoming a problem when I was in a hurry and needed to find something.  Even worse was when I needed to find something for somebody else and I simply could not.

To solve this problem, I began to file picture files with the pictures, articles with the articles etc.  I then improved this one step further and added separate sub folders within folders as well.  For instance I would file pictures an article about dog’s under articles and then into the dogs articles sub folder.

This greatly improved how well I was organized and the added benefit is I ultimately save a lot of time.  Not needed to fumble around looking for things helped greatly.

 #2.  Writing out a to do list for the next day.

Back in the days when I used to Manage drug stores I always had to keep my crews organized.  This involved writing out a task list for them everyday.  But I also always had to do the same for me.  I needed something to keep my head level and jog my memory.  As I completed each task I’d cross it off.

This has helped me stay organized drastically.  The times I don’t write a list I notice my productivity levels are down.  Often I feel like I don’t accomplish anything I need to, without my list.   So before I shut down for the night I write out my list for the next day.  The next day I start by looking at the list, working it and completing it.

As Internet Marketers , no matter what niche you are in, we have no one presiding over us, helping to give instructions.  The hard part is learning to manage yourself.  Once you do that things will be simplified.

These are just some great beginning tips there are dozens more out there.  I look forward to hearing about them from anyone who wants to share.