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Top 5 Hosting Providers For WordPress Blogs

August 9, 2020

If you’re planning to start a WordPress blog and already has bought a domain name, then the next important step is to choose a hosting provider to host your blog.

Well it may sound easy but technically, it is a tricky choice. Choosing a bad hosting provider for your blog will end up in long downtimes, and bad customer support.

You should always go to top-rated, mostly used hosting provider. And yeah, you might have to pay a bit extra amount of money than your local hosting provider, but the quality and customer support will be the best.

If you’re still confused in choosing the best hosting provider out there, then today we are here to help you. Today we are going to provide you with top 5 rated hosting providers for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Hostgator is the most widely used hosting providers out there. Hostgator was found back in 2002, by Brent Oxely. And today, from newbies to pro bloggers, almost everyone uses Hostgator to use their blog. That’s because Hostgator is one of the leading hosting providers in the industry, and you get very less down time. Another prime factor what make hosting seekers fell upon Hostgator is their helpful customer care service.

Hostgator provides all kinds of hosting like shared web hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated web hosting.

What gives this popularity is that even recommends Bluehost Hosting to their users. Therefore, will give their first preference to Bluehost rather than any other hosting. They’ve been in the hosting game since 1996, and today BlueHost claims to have millions of active customers.

The most popular hosting plan of BlueHost is the reseller hosting plan, which enables its users to start a web hosting business. Bluehost gives its users with an easy to use administration panel, a supportive billing software, a custom cPanel, and a resource management technology to prevent downtime issues.

JustHost has been Providing hosting services since 1998, and is considered among the top hosting providers who are dedicated towards providing fast and reliable hosting experience.

At JustHost, you can check only one service plan named “Just Plan”. But you’ll get a lot of useful and reliable features along with the plan. When you purchase a hosting package, you can either register a free domain name with JustHost or transfer your existing domain name to your new hosting.

Another major advantage of using is that you get advanced customer support features. Like you can either ask for customer support via email, phone or chat depending on your situation. Their customer service can be achieved 24/7 and they also offer a full money-back guarantee for the remaining period if you cancel your hosting.

WebHostingHub was started back in 2001 and is a subsidiary of Inmotion hosting. WebHostingHub targets customers who need a head-ache free all-in-one web hosting package with full and effective customer support at a cheaper rate. If you ask some expert hosting manager about the cheapest and healthiest web hosting provider, then he’d probably refer WebHostingHub to you.

The major selling point of WebHostingHub is their easy-to-use kind of packages and settings along with supportive customer support and an affordable rate.

You might already have noticed iPage elsewhere. iPage has been selling their hosting service since 1998, and is already considered as one of the best web hosting provider for websites of many companies and organizations. According to iPage, until now it is hosting over 1 million active sites.

iPage mainly takes care of uptime, security and spam free email system. Hence if you use hosting or email service from iPage, you can expect no downtime issues, maximum security and moreover a spam free and secure email hosting.

Now I guess this article has helped you know about the top 5 hosting providers available. Check out their plans and features in detail by checking out their site and pick a hosting plan suitable for you !