Build An Internet Business In One Day

The below is sound advice whether you’ve yet to start your online business or you’ve already started and just need a pick-me-up.  If you’re just starting out in Niche Blitzkrieg this post will be useful for you as well. One of the little known facts about building a business online is that you can actually … Read more

Being More Productive While Working From Home

Being productive sometimes seems impossible especially when working from home.  In fact, it can sometimes feel like you’re simply slamming your face into the wall.  In fact, if you’re a member of Niche Blitzkrieg you’ve probably heard me speak of productivity before. Think of all of your daily distractions… Cell Phones TVs Instant Messengers Facebook … Read more

Are You Trying To Rank For The Wrong Keywords?

When you’re building a website (especially a new one) it’s easy to get caught up in getting website rankings for the big, high trafficked, keywords.  We call these “trophy keywords” because you can brag to your friends and family that you’re ranking #1 for a super-killer keyword. However, before you start prematurely popping the champagne … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Business Model Explained

A couple of quick notes before you read.  After the lesson I have a video to walk you through in some more detail I also include a nice info-graphic as well.  Plus, if you need help or simply do not understand something I give you several ways to contact me!  Just wanted to let you … Read more

Where To Get Images For Your Website

The internet is a complete goldmine for images and is saturated with so many great options that naturally begs the question: Why should I have to pay for images when I can just Google one? Well, actually, without the consent of use and proper credits provided, using an image that is not yours or rightfully … Read more

Where To Get A Logo For Your Business

A logo is a direct reflection of your business; it is a visual mark that connects your brand with consumers and depending on the quality of the logo – it can either help your business or hinder it. Of course I want you to succeed, in fact, it’s so important for me to help other … Read more

17 Ways To Find Niche Website Ideas

Today I want to share with you some great ways to find a niche market.  Sometimes finding a great niche feels like wrestling with a bear.  Trust me it’s hard to win against the bear. When it comes to making money online you need a niche and you’ll need some niche website ideas, or at … Read more